Episode 6: Federal Investment in Women’s Health and Digital Health

Aug 1, 2023 | Podcast

If you’re a woman living in the US, you’re probably like me and assume that when you pay your federal taxes, they’re going to be put towards really important things, roads, food, and, you know, safety, education. You also assume that the money is going to be allocated to really important agencies like the National Institutes of Health, the CDC, and other agencies to fund healthcare.

However, when you learn that only 2.5% of the federal budget is spent on healthcare for women, you have to question whether that reflects good outcomes for women!

In this episode, we’ll delve into how federal investments can address women’s health issues, where the money is going, and the impact of digital health on women’s healthcare. We’ll explore key challenges like lack of access to quality healthcare, gender bias, privacy, security, and the lack of diversity in digital health solutions.
In 2014, 22% of women were using mobile health apps and that figure must surely be higher now. So investing in digital health solutions can help bridge gaps in women’s healthcare. While there are challenges to overcome, with proper funding and development I’m excited to see how digital health has the potential to transform and improve women’s health significantly.

Topics include:
The flow of money and how the federal government is investing in women’s health and digital health
The key gaps in women’s health care and how digital health can address them
Digital health trends, including apps and wearable technology, and how these can impact the healthcare gender bias
The use of AI in health settings

Additional resources:
Interview with Andrea Downing and Valencia Robinson
Interview with Dr. Alison Smith, Neuroscientist and Co-Founder of Roga
Interview with Dr. Fenwa Milhouse about Urology, Female sexual pleasure, technology, and more

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  • Brandi Sinkfield

    Dr. Brandi, is a Board-Certified Anesthesiologist, who was inspired by her mother, a registered nurse who graduated with a degree in information technology. Through tough love and support from her father, extended family, and friends she attended Case Western Medical School and received her M.D. She completed residency training at Cleveland Clinic and dual fellowship training at Stanford Anesthesiology in Perioperative Management and Digital Health. Growing up she experienced the lack of transparency, shame and secrecy surrounding women’s health and body confidence driving her to imagine a pathway for her own daughter and other women to access information that empowers them and inspires confidence.