Interview with Dr. Alexandra Scott, Maternal Mental Health Expert and Dr. Michelle Stephens, Co-Founder of OathCare

Jan 9, 2023 | Real Health Stories

The Healing Power of Community

Drs. Scott and Stephens shed light on the mental shifts surrounding parenthood and how communities like OathCare are helping mothers navigate the many facets of motherhood.

OathCare is an online community platform that addresses many care gaps often seen as a family’s transition with a new or young child. Even the desire to have a child often results in multiple mental shifts that individuals experience when they take on parenthood. Listen to this interview to learn more about how “Adverse Childhood Experiences”(ACEs), guilt, shame, social, and financial inequities all shape the experience of mothers and their families. Find out more about what resources OathCare can offer you and your family. Find out more here:

Dr. Stephens is the co-founder and Chief Nursing Officer of OathCare. She is a Nurse Practitioner, Pediatric Intensive Care Nurse, and has extensive research in Adverse Childhood Experience.

Dr. Scott is Licensed Clinical Psychologist and mental health advocate. She is focused on maternal health, stress, trauma, anxiety, and postpartum depression. #oathcare#maternalmentalhealth#maternalhealth#parentingsupport#nurseentrepreneurs#nurseleaders#pregnancysupport#removingshame#adversechildhoodexperiences

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