Episode 3: What is Digital Health?

May 30, 2023 | Podcast

What do you think of when you hear the words Digital Health? And what could that mean to an anesthesiologist?

In this episode, I try to explain my thoughts when I hear those words. It’s a pretty broad definition – that can include your health provider going paper-free, telehealth options, artificial intelligence, and apps on your phone.

These technologies won’t replace the need for healthcare professionals, but whatever digital health means to you, healthcare IS changing. So I hope to get you as excited as I am about how digital health can increase access, improve efficiencies, and empower patients to learn more about their health.

Topics include:

  • A conversation I had with a woman who questioned the relevance of talking about technology as it relates to healthcare
  • My definition of what Digital Health means
  • Examples of digital tools that you might come into contact with
  • Examples of digital tools that you might already have seen in a health context
  • Why does this matter to an anesthesiologist? And why am I so excited about what Digital Health can do?

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  • Brandi Sinkfield

    Dr. Brandi, is a Board-Certified Anesthesiologist, who was inspired by her mother, a registered nurse who graduated with a degree in information technology. Through tough love and support from her father, extended family, and friends she attended Case Western Medical School and received her M.D. She completed residency training at Cleveland Clinic and dual fellowship training at Stanford Anesthesiology in Perioperative Management and Digital Health. Growing up she experienced the lack of transparency, shame and secrecy surrounding women’s health and body confidence driving her to imagine a pathway for her own daughter and other women to access information that empowers them and inspires confidence.