The Role of Technology in Mental Health Management – The Future of Digital Mental Health Resources

Jan 15, 2024 | Personalized Tech

Earlier we highlighted how technology, particularly telehealth, has played an instrumental role in making mental health services more accessible. The global mental health mobile app industry is currently valued at $17B and expected to grow. AI solutions for predicting, diagnosing and treating mental health conditions are underway. It’s evident that technology and the mental health industry are evolving quickly and together. 


What does this mean for the future of digital health and mental health?

The overall outlook on the influence of technology on mental health is encouraging. Its potential to enhance treatment options and improve the lives of people who live with mental health conditions gives us hope. Digital health tools have the opportunity to foster a more collaborative relationship between mental health providers and their patients. People facing mental challenges will also be able to use digital tools to regularly track their health indicators and potentially prevent mental health episodes. 

The development of biometric detection mechanisms will deepen the medical community’s understanding of the root causes of mental health and empower patients to manage their mental health conditions in real-time. 

AI tools for mental health currently include chatbots and virtual therapists; however the potential uses are vast. AI’s ability to provide more insight on health indicators and patterns that contribute to the development of mental health disorders and to provide patients with customized treatment options is promising. 

As Dr. Brandi noted in podcast episode, “Artificial Intelligence in Women’s Health,” emerging AI use cases in the health industry raise new questions around ethics, bias and data privacy. These concerns are heightened in the mental health space where patients’ data and experiences are particularly sensitive and nuanced. 

The potential for digital health to transform the mental health field validates the effort it’ll take to work through the challenges these new tools present. We look forward to a future where awareness around the importance of mental health is even higher, and there are digital tools available to support all facets of the patient and provider experience.

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